• we require a minimum booking of 2 hours
  • a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of the session is due 1 week prior to the session (new clients only)
  • payment is due in full at the end of each session (all clients)
  • billable time starts when the engineer begins set up, regardless of what time artist arrives (we do not charge for breakdown time)
  • for cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled session Wondersmith Audio may keep the deposit
  • piano tuning is highly recommended on the day of any piano session (piano tuning will be billed at cost, with no markup)
  • damage to studio or equipment (beyond normal wear items like guitar strings or drum heads) will be billed to client
  • data and master recordings will not be released to client until all fees have been paid


how do you store and safeguard my audio?

All audio is recorded to high quality external pro audio drives (Firewire or Thunderbolt). Physical backup to a second drive, as well as automatic backup to a cloud data storage service, happen after each session. At the conclusion of a project clients are expected to provide an external drive to which project data is transferred. Wondersmith makes no guarantee to safeguard data left behind after this point.

can I bring my friends?

The best results (in terms of performance, cost effectiveness and sonic quality) happen when there are minimum distractions in the studio environment. Therefore, we ask that clients carefully consider whom they bring with them, for your sake and ours, and try to keep the team streamlined.

what kinds of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and cash. Because there are additional fees associated with accepting payment via card or Paypal we offer a 5% discount for cash payment.

can you provide musicians?

Absolutely. We are in touch with a network of fantastic musicians who can enhance your project. Do you need background vocals? Horns? Keys? We’ll help determine the right fit, assess the cost and bring in collaborators.

can you produce my hip-hop beats?

Yes. Wondersmith Owner Daniel Fox (aka Upryz) has been producing hip-hop for more than 15 years. We can let you listen to a wide variety of original beats that are ready for your track, or custom create an instrumental to your specifications.

do I need to be there when you mix my project?

Not necessarily. Although you are always welcome to attend a mixing session, we’ve found that the best results often come when the mix engineer can do the majority of the work on their own time with minimal distraction. Then the client (often a representative from the band) meets to make key final creative decisions and approve the final mixes. This approach also tends be the most efficient and cost effective.

how long will it take to record my music?

The time it takes to record a project is determined by your expectations, experience and skill level, as well as many other factors. What is the instrumentation? Do you have many layers of overdubs planned? How well rehearsed is the band? Since every project is different, we encourage you to fill out our booking form with details about your project. That way, we can provide you with an accurate quote that fits both your goals and budget.  

when should I book my studio time?

Longer, more ambitious projects should be booked at least 1 month in advance. Shorter projects (overdubs, singles, mixing, mastering) can often be booked with less notice.

how can I prep to make my session move quickly and efficiently?

Make sure your songs are very well-rehearsed. For example: if there is disagreement within the band over the length of a section or how to handle an ending, you may not be ready to record yet. Document the tempo of each song. Print out lyrics and provide a copy to the engineer. If you anticipate recording to a click track, practice with one regularly beforehand. Stringed instruments should have new strings. If you’re bringing your own drums, new heads would be a great idea. If you notice any buzzes or unwanted sounds from your instrument, get them sorted out by a professional before recording. What might seem inconsequential when you’re practicing or on a gig could really stand out once in the recording environment.  

what should I bring to my session?

Wondersmith has a fantastic collection of great gear. That said, if you have well-maintained, good-sounding instruments you play regularly, you are encouraged to bring them. (It’s always best to have choices.) Bring anything specialized that makes you sound like you: your favorite guitar pedals, picks, your kick drum pedal, etc. Also, bring anything you need to be comfy and play your best: your favorite guitar strap, shirt or cookies.

can I bring my own engineer?

Unfortunately, no. Wondersmith takes pride in offering a full music production and recording service. We know our gear and how to get the best sounds out of it. We are happy to recommend a studio that rents time without personnel if that is what you are looking for.